Friday, October 24, 2008

Early Morning Moments

I am soooo not a morning person but it seems that my most precious moments with my son happen before the rest of the world is awake so I think my outlook is changing.
I received my wake up call at 5:38 this morning. After sleepily trudging up the stairs and swinging open the door to the nursery, I found my precious baby boy sitting up, whining, with his pacifier half way hanging out, holding tight to his lovey who we call "Doggie."
I reached out for him, he fell into my hands and I almost missed the blessing of his familiarity with this routine, my arms and the comfort they bring him.
I settled into my rocker and as I nursed him I dozed in and out a bit. (He does not usually wake me this early, I am pretty sure he is cutting tooth #2) When I was sure he was finished I picked him up and put him against my shoulder to rock him a bit more. I love to listen to the sound of his breathing, steady and peaceful. All of the sudden he pushed off of my shoulder, looked me in the face and with his tiny little hands did the sign for "more" and "milk." I almost fell out of my rocker!
I have been doing signs with Sullivan since he was 3 months old. I started right after his first surgery. I was devastated that he could be in so much pain and I didn't know. I wanted him to be able to communicate with me as soon as possible so that I would be able to save him from that if it ever happened again.
"More" and "Milk" were the first signs I chose to teach as they were the most useful. He has been doing "more" for about a week now but from him it looks a lot like he is clapping so it is hard to tell the difference. Pair it with "milk" though, and it is undeniable!
My baby spoke to me this morning! He said, "More milk Mama!" and I obliged!


Lindsley said... sweet! I can't wait until Zaden figures out how to sign..he's still just smiling at me when I do it..but not doing it himself :)

Heather said...

That's precious, Tracy. The best is yet to come, I promise!

Ted and Shana said...

Wow that is amazing. What an unforgetable moment to share with your son!