Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ta Daa!

Here it is! The finished product. What do you think? Is my model the cutest or what?!?
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Natalie said...

that is so cute. I love the colors. Way to go with your domestic skills. I am so proud!!

Heather said...

Great job Mama!! You'd never know you finished the job at 4am...that alone shows your true blue sewing skills!!

What a cutie!


Patty B. said...

Perfectly adorable, just like I knew it would be.
love you LOTS ! ! !

Denise Wilson said...

Great costume Tracy! And your model IS adorable!

Denise Wilson said...

I saw a comment from you on Heather Munoz's blog and clicked my way over! :) I'll be checking back on you monkeys!