Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Almost here!

So sorry for the long break folks. Vacation just plain wears me out! I know, I know...Waaa Waaa right?
Well, my favorite holliday is quickly approaching and I have decided to dust off my rarely worn "Artsy Fartsy" hat. (I know she will take offense to this comment so my early apologies go out to the Queen of Artsy Fartsy herself, my mom. Hey, does that make her Queen Art Fart? He He Love you Mom!) I have decided to make Sullivan's first Halloween costume. After many hours of examining fabric and patterns at 3 different stores, I have gathered all of the necesary notions and am ready to start. Oh you read it right folks, I am going to sew. A clown costume to be exact and you just wait. He is going to be the cutest clown you ever did see!

My mom made my Halloween costumes when I was a wee one and now I am hoping to follow in her footsteps. I was a clown for a couple of years, Mickey Mouse, a black widow, a witch, a black cat and many more. It was such a fun holiday. Mom had so much fun dressing us up and letting us become a different character for a day. Fantasy. I loved it too. This is what I hope to pass on to my kids. A love for fantasy, an active imagination and of course the lasting need for minor dental procedures. 8 )

I will be sure to post pictures.

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Patty B. said...

Queen of Art Fart ? ! ? !
Art Fart, Art Schmart! HAH . . . I am the queen of everything !!!

Seriously though, I can't wait to see Sullivan's clown costume and I KNOW it will be adorable.

love you LOTS